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Perga & Propolis

PERGA & PROPOLIS - Designed to effectively fight the body against various types of colds, flu and inflammation.

Perga & Propolis - For Fight Against Cold, Flu, Inflammation

Packaging: 100g (10 bags)

Producer: Bee & Well

The country of origin: Serbia

Geographical origin: Fruska Gora

Instruction: Store at room temperature.

Price: 800.00 rsd 

Propolis as a natural anesthetic, an antioxidant and an antibiotic in combination with Perga containing all the necessary vitamins minerals, amino acids, oligoelements, etc. It acts preventively against all types of viruses, the particularity of the preparation is that bacteria do not create resistance to it and have no harmful effects as in antibiotics. Propolis is one of those wise natural remedies that kills everything that a healthy organism does.

The product abounds in high-quality proteins, all indispensable amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, B-group vitamins, vitamins K, E, D, C and especially the vitamin P (rutin), pro-vitamin A (carotene), various minerals and trace elements (especially potassium and iron), essential oils, enzymes, pigments and other biologically active natural substances. Integral components of the PERGA&PROPILIS product are balanced in the following proportion: Perga more then 5 gr, Pure Propolis gel (without alcohol) 5gr, natural honey = up to 100 gr.

Today, when excessive use of synthetic antibiotics has caused resistance to most microorganisms, it is necessary to find wiser solutions offered by nature. The goal of every doctor is not to harm your patient primarily. We all know that synthetic antibiotics cause side effects, while nature's gifts do not have unwanted consequences. In nature, there are many products with antibiotic activity. Propolis is one of them. It is the perfect food that nourishes and treats the human body.

Propolis is a common name for a mixture of resinous substances that the bees collect from flowers of various plants and blend it with the secretion of the glandular glands, enzymatically modifying it so that the most important substances, flavonoids, become active. Propolis has a specific appearance, a unique bitter taste, a characteristic and aromatic odor.

The composition and color of propolis depends on the plant species from which the bees collect material. Historical records show that propolis was an important and valued product in the medicine of Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and many other ancient nations.

Propolis contains 50% resin, 30% wax, 10% essential oils, 5% pollen, numerous vitamins and minerals, organic acids, polyphenols, flavonoids. Flavonoids are very important for the therapeutic effect of propolis.

They have an antioxidant effect, at the same time, propolis keeps healthy tissue and treats diseased tissue. Numerous studies have found that propolis is a natural anesthetic antioxidant antiseptic, an antibiotic, that works against most viruses including flu. The particular value of propolis is that bacteria do not create resistance to it and there are no harmful side effects, which is a defect of synthetic antibiotics.

It is known that propolis stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissue. Propolis helps in the case of severe diarrhea, where other drugs are helpless. As a supreme active biostimulator, propolis contributes to improving the overall state of the organism, normalizing metabolism and immunity. It provides excellent results in the treatment and prevention of throat inflammation.

As a powerful antioxidant, it acts against free radicals, which today are considered to be the causes of many, even the most serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer, Parinx's disease, etc. Most recent studies show that propolis strengthens the immune system and has an anticancer effect.

Using the 1 one bag (from the package) take once (in the morning) to twice a day (in the morning and evening), half an hour before a meal, by gradual dissolving in the mouth, without using water. After taking the product, avoid consuming any beverages for at least 30 minutes. The recommended dosage of the product can be doubled if administered for therapeutic purposes.

PERGA & PROPOLIS has no contraindications and can be used by all persons without any age or age restrictions, except for people who are allergic to honey and other bees products.

Bee & Well - a company based on decades of experience in beekeeping

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Bee & Well - a company based on decades of experience in beekeeping

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