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a company based on decades of experience in beekeeping


to the world of PERGA, where health rules. Perga feeds and protects from diseases.

The Experience in Apiculture

Bee&Well is a company based on the decades of experience in apiculture, as well as on the designing of high-quality nutritious and medicinal products with the basis of bee products and ingredients from the selected medicinal herbs.

The Concept of Healthy Lifestyle

Our concept of healthy lifestyle, the reaching and maintaining of homeostasis, is based on the usage of high-quality, original, and irreplaceable natural products that, until now, have not been so easily available for wide human consumption.

The Enhancement of the Quality of Life

Bee&Well will continue to be committed to the enhancement of the quality of life and health of its clients by designing and producing new, high-quality natural products with universally useful and specific nutritious and therapeutic functions.

Bee&Well proudly presents Perga products
Irreplaceable food supplements

Completely natural products based on the balanced ration between bee perga (fermented honeycomb pollen), selected medicinal herbs from Fruška Gora Mountain, as well as high-quality natural honey.

Perga Energy

PERGA ENERGY- is a natural dietary supplement, based on the balanced ratio between the bee perga (fermented honeycomb...

Perga 21

PERGA 21 – is a completely natural product based on the balanced proportion of the bee perga (fermented pollen...

Perga Kids

PERGA KIDS – From the earliest childhood, Perga Kids is an ally in preventing and helping fight for the health...

Perga & Propolis

PERGA & PROPOLIS - Designed to effectively fight the body against various types of colds, flu and inflammation.

Perga Light

PERGA LIGHT - It is intended for all those who take care of themselves and their health. It has a beneficial effect on...

Cream Honey

Meadow Cream Honey is a real pleasure for the most demanding palate

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Bee & Well - a company based on decades of experience in beekeeping


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