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About us

Bee&Well is a company based on the decades of experience in apiculture, as well as on the designing of high-quality nutritious and medicinal products with the basis of bee products and ingredients from the selected medicinal herbs.

100% Natural Preparations

Bee&Well team creates its business vision on the absolute devotion to nature that surpasses ordinary trading of bee products and medicinal herbs...


Our concept of healthy lifestyle, the reaching and maintaining of homeostasis, is based on the usage of high-quality, original, and irreplaceable natural products that, until now, have not been so easily available for wide human consumption.

In this respect, our primary activity is focused on providing the sufficient amounts of naturally rare, but irreplaceable, inorganic and organic biologically active substances, collected and processed by honey bee colonies for their living and developing needs. Science proved long time ago the supreme quality and positive biological effects of these substances to the human body.


Generally, our products aim at providing the enhancement of overall psychophysical state and efficient reaching and maintaining of the health balance of people. This means helping the body fight various disorders that often arise from polluted environment. Our numerous consumers have already experienced this. At the same time, above all, we want much wider range of our future consumers to recognize the quality of our products.

Bee&Well will continue to be committed to the enhancement of the quality of life and health of its clients by designing and producing new, high-quality natural products with universally useful and specific nutritious and therapeutic functions. Quality and innovations are the leading principles our operations.


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Feel free to contact our friendly staff. They will provide you with the additional answers to the possible questions regarding the usage of our products.  The commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our clients is the task and responsibility of each of our employees..


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